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If there is one piece of software that everyone should be using these days, it is a password manager. If you use the same user name (email address) and password for every site and service that you sign up for, then if one site gets hacked, the hackers will have your information for every other site and service you have signed up for as well. If you do create a new password for every site, then you will need a way to remember them - and this is where password managers come in.

Using a password manager means you just have to remember one password and then the manager remembers the rest. A good one will also generate secure passwords for you, and store your credit card details and other important information you need to hand but keep it in a secure way. There are quite a few available these days, and I am not really sure it matters which one you use as much as just picking one and using it.

However, to give you a starting point: I use 1Password both in its family and team form and find it very easy to use and reliable, and it’s the first piece of software I install on any new device (phone, tablet, Mac or PC). In the past I have used LastPass, and if I was looking for a new one today I would give Dashlane a look.

All of the above offer business and family options, making it easy and secure to share passwords between people that need to, e.g. sharing a Netflix password with your family. If I was looking for business reasons today, I would throw Zoho Vault into the mix, especially if you already use any of Zoho’s massive collection of other software.

So if you are not using one already, download a password manager today and make your personal information a lot more secure.

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